四肢瘫痪人士的福音! 用面部表情便能控制的轮椅问世

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A Wheelchair that Moves with a Kiss, a Smile or Raised Eyebrows


Certain expressions can be quite moving while others can literally move you. That’s the case with Wheelie, a software and hardware kit that let users control their wheelchair using various facial expression. Quadriplegics, people diagnosed with ALS or anyone who cannot control motorized wheelchair with their hands can control using facial expressions like a smile or an eyebrow. Developed by Brazilian startup Hoobox robotics, the 300-dollar-a month service uses an Intel RealSense Depth Camera to capture points on a user’s face. It’s very precise to the landmarks around the mouth, the eyes, the eyebrows. An on-board computer generates a 3-D map of the face, recognizing up to 11 different expressions. The technology works regardless of the position of the head, you can put the camera over here, so you don’t have to have a camera like this. It’s a small degree of freedom for users who don’t always get to experience it.

有些表达方式可能会很感人,而有一些表达方式则可以让你移动。Wheelie就是这样,它是一个软件和硬件设备,能够让用户通过各种面部表情来控制他们的轮椅。四肢瘫痪,诊断患有肌萎缩侧索硬化症的人,或任何无法用手控制电动轮椅的人都可以通过微笑或挑眉等面部表情对轮椅进行控制。由巴西初创公司Hoobox Robotics开发,这项每月三百美元的服务使用英特尔深度实感相机来捕捉用户脸上的信息。它能够十分精确地识别嘴、眼睛和眉毛周围的信息标志。搭载计算机生成人脸的三维信息,可识别多达十一种不同的表情。无论头部的位置如何,这项技术都可以工作,你可以把相机放在这里,所以并不需要把相机固定在一个位置。对于并不总是能体验到这一点的用户来说,这为他们带来了一些自由。

Jim Ryan is a quadriplegic who normally uses a head array to control his wheelchair. The best part is I can turn my head to left and right. I’m really locked in with my halo around my head, so that made a huge huge difference. Even my new facial cues can quickly be interpreted seconds before a full-on expression. That precision translates to real-time navigation by a robotic gripper that controls the wheelchair’s joystick. But some worry the technology might not be practical. Facial expressions can be involuntary at times. You’re walking down the street, you see maybe an ad that makes you laugh and you smile at it. It might take some getting used to, but Pinheiro believes what users gain in terms of self-sufficiency is meaningful. This is something that the wheel is bringing not only mobility and autonomy and self-esteem. Giving those who can’t get around as easily a reason to smile.


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