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Japanese Company Launches Robot Barista


Just a typical morning in Japan where a robot barista brewed the world's favorite liquid motivation. If customers are entertained, they are happier, that is why we made this robot.Masahiro Kano runs QBIT robotics, a company that builds machines that interact with humans in fields like entertainment and food service. He says the technology comes at a critical time for Japan. We have problems like a decreasing birthrate and aging population and employment shortages as a result. In order to help with these problems, we created this robot. We also hope to spread our technology to the rest of the world. Customers order drinks at a kiosk and the Robot barista does it all from prep work to cleaning filters.

这是一个寻常的日本清晨,一位机器人咖啡师制出了全世界人们都喜欢的晨间唤醒饮品。如果顾客得到了款待,他们会更开心,这就是三分28制造这个机器人的原因。Masahiro Kano经营着QBIT Robotics公司,这是一家机器人制造公司,他们着力打造在娱乐和餐饮服务等领域能够与人类互动的机器人。他说,这项技术诞生于日本的关键时刻。三分28面临着出生率下降、人口老龄化和就业短缺等问题。为了帮助解决这些问题,三分28创造了这个机器人。三分28也希望将这一技术推广到世界其他地方。顾客在售货机器选购饮料,机器人咖啡师就会开始工作,包括从准备工作到后续清洗过滤器都会完成。

It can make a few more drinks but coffee is the star. Kano says the robot uses artificial intelligence to improve service. The AI captures data on the expressions of the customers and what they buy. Using this data, he tries to find ways to improve sales by keeping customers entertained. The barista flirts a bit winking and smiling from behind its work desk. It's very funny. I think, funny, and it's a new experience, yes. It's interesting.Visitors say the coffee is not too bad either. The aspect of the desk is a little bit strange because the robot is look like... looks like a human being. But for the coffee I guess it's pretty good. QBIT robotics says it looks to sell around 300 robot baristas by 2021. The company currently focuses on beverages, but says it hopes to soon manufacture similar machines to make food like ramen and curry.


Arash Arabasadi VOA news Washington

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