剑桥大学电话英语口语教程Unit 05 任务7

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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 05 BOOKINGS AND ARRANGEMENTS, Task 7, 致电酒店会议中心,协调展会安排。

Unit 05- Task 7

第5单元 任务7

Verena Fischer: Hotel Adlon Conference Centre. Verena Fischer speaking. How may I help you?

欢迎致电奥德隆酒店会议中心,我是Verena Fischer,有什么可以帮您?

Jerry Kemp: Hello, it's Jerry Kemp here, from Spectrum Technodesign. I'm calling from the stand at the exhibition because I need to make some last-minute changes to the arrangements you're fixing for us at the hotel.

你好,我是光普科技公司的Jerry Kemp。我现在在展会的摊位上,我现在需要把你在酒店为三分28定好的方案做些最后的改变。

Verena Fischer: Right, let me just make a note of all the changes. Here we are. Starting with today, Monday, we've got 25 single rooms with shower or bath booked for Spectrum Technodesign staff for three nights, with 45 people booked in for dinner tonight at 8.00 in the Linden Restaurant. Is that right?


Jerry Kemp: Yes, we still want the 25 rooms. I think people will start arriving from about 6.30, probably. It's the numbers for the dinner tonight that have changed, and the number of rooms we need for the next two nights, as more people are arriving from the States tomorrow.


Verena Fischer: OK, I don't think that will be a problem, but let's start with the dinner tonight. How many people will there be now?


Jerry Kemp: Can you fit in another seven, please? There will now be 52 for dinner.


Verena Fischer: I'll let the restaurant know immediately. There's enough time to add the places, and I know there's space to get another table in the room. It would help to know if any of the extra people want a special diet. I've already got down that nine people are vegetarian.


Jerry Kemp: Yes, two of the new people are vegetarian too, so that's 11 now, but there aren't any special diets needed apart from that.


Verena Fischer: That's no problem. It just helps if I can tell the kitchen in advance.


Jerry Kemp: Sure. Now about the number of rooms we need for the next two nights.


Verena Fischer: Yes, you said you need more.


Jerry Kemp: Yes, four more staff members are flying in tomorrow. Can you fit them in?


Verena Fischer: Let's see. Do they want singles with shower or bath, like all the others?


Jerry Kemp: Singles, ideally, but we may have to put them in doubles if that's all you've got.


Verena Fischer: I'm just checking ... I'm afraid I can't put them in singles, but I've got two double rooms with twin beds that they could have - both rooms have a bath and shower. How would that be?


Jerry Kemp: That's fine, I'm sure. So we'll then have 25 single rooms and two doubles with twin beds for tomorrow night - right?


Verena Fischer: Yes, what about Wednesday night then? Is that the same?


Jerry Kemp: Yes, everyone will be staying then too, so we'll need the same rooms as Tuesday.


Verena Fischer: Now, you've booked a dinner for 15 on Tuesday night, again at 8 p.m. in the Linden Restaurant. Are the numbers the same for that?


Jerry Kemp: Well, in fact it's now going up to 17 because two of the people arriving tomorrow also have to go to that. None of them are vegetarians or have any special dietary requirements. Everyone else will make their- own arrangements tomorrow.


Verena Fischer: What about Wednesday night?


Jerry Kemp: That's got to be a dinner for everyone again. And we've invited a few more visitors to join us, so we'll be 57 in total. I'll confirm that figure with you on the day, and I'll check whether there are any special diets. For the moment there are still 11 vegetarians for that dinner. Is that OK?


Verena Fischer: That's fine. I've got all that, and I'll pass on the details to the restaurant now. Just call me if there are any more changes, please, won't you?


Jerry Kemp: Of course. Thanks. Bye.


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